Hur väljer du rätt bälte?

How do you choose the right belt?

A belt helps you maintain abdominal pressure during heavier lifts which in turn helps maintain better posture and can actually often lift more weight thanks to you being more efficient than without the help of the belt.

Picsil has two different belts, Lumbar belt and Weightlifting belt.

Lumbar belt is a classic belt that fits well for most people, it is a little wider, has good padding and provides stable support for your heavier lifts. We would like to call it a Crossfit belt as it is excellent for, for example, Metcons that include lifting.

Weightlifting belt is specially developed in collaboration with the Spanish Weightlifting Federation to correspond to their regulations which, among other things, regulate how wide the belt can be. Compared to the Lumbar belt, it is slightly narrower, which can be perceived as a little "prettier". It also has an extended velcro surface to really minimize the risk of it slipping during your heaviest lifts.

What size should I have?

Measure around the body where the belt will sit, not as you measure a belt, but rather at the height of the navel. You will find a size chart below.

64 - 74 cm Small
74 - 84 cm Medium
84 - 94 cm Large
94 - 105 cm Extra large

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