Size guide for knee pads

It is important that the leg protectors are the right size, not too tight so it prevents blood flow, but also not too big so it doesn't have the right supportive effect.

To find the right one, sit on a chair so that your knees are at a 90 degree angle and measure the circumference according to the sketch below. A complete size chart can be found below.

29.00cm - 34.30cm S
34.30cm - 35.70cm M
35.70cm - 38.50cm L
38.50cm - 41.5cm


How do you put on the protection?

Even in the right size, they can feel tight to put on as the material on the inside is rubberized and offers some friction, you can advantageously fold the protectors and pull them in place just below the knee and then fold them up above the knee. Or simply pull them on and off using exactly the same approach.

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